Home sales in June

As per the Bay East Association of Realtors, Days on Market (DOM) for the Castro Valley area year-to-date is around 55. The median detached home price in Castro Valley for June was $495,000. As of the last day of June there were 131 active homes in Castro Valley. At current selling rates this means there is approximately 3 months of inventory in Castro Valley remaining.

As of July 21, 2010 there were thirteen homes in Palomares Hills listed in a price range of $399,950-1,537,000.  Four homes are townhouses and Duets and nine homes are Single Family Homes.

There are ten properties currently listed in Five Canyons, Castro Valley with seven Single Family homes and three condos in the price range of $398,000-949,000.

There are 168 listings currently for sale in Castro Valley California. The price range is $116,100-$3,199,000

Castro Valley Statistics Active Pending Sold Months Supply
Jun 09 102 53 29 2.1 
Jul 09 108 49 45 2.2
Aug 09 100 52 44 2.0
Sep 09 107 48 38 2.1
Oct 09 103 47 30 2.1
Nov 09 78 51 26 .16
Dec 09 75 41 42 1.6
Jan 10 77 35 23 1.8
Feb 10 95 41 26 2.3
Mar 10 124 49 36 3.0
Apr 10 105 61 31 2.3
May 10 129 49 49 2.6
Jun 10 131 47 45 2.5


As per the California Association of Realtors, first time home buyers increased for the second year due to housing affordability and the first time home buyer credit.

The tax credit was the primary reason for those buyers who may not have had enough down payment and the tax credit helped to cover the difference.

Generally speaking, distressed properties and short sales sell for a lot less than the regular properties and with such an abundance of distressed properties on the market, first time home buyers affordability increased.

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Is the market picking up in Castro Valley? How about the San Francisco Bay Area in California?

Gold Creek home in Five Canyons, Castro ValleyPalomares Hills home in Castro Valley







As per the Bay East Association of Realtors, Days on Market (DOM) for the Castro Valley area year-to-date is around 86. The median single family home price in Castro Valley for July was $460,000. As of the last day of July there were 108 active homes in Castro Valley. At current selling rates this means there is approximately 2 months of inventory in Castro Valley remaining.

 Information obtained from Data Quick information systems shows Bay Area home sales rose last month to the highest level for a July in four years as deals above $500,000 continued to accelerate. The median sale price climbed above the prior month for the fourth consecutive month, lifted by the combination of more high-end transactions and fewer sales of lower-cost, lender-owned foreclosures.

Sales of $500,000-plus existing single-family detached houses rose to 35.6 percent of all house resales last month, up from 34.1 percent in June and up from a low this year of 22.7 percent in January. Last month’s $500,000-plus sales were the highest since they were 38 percent of sales last September.

As high-end sales have taken off in recent months, sales of foreclosures in less-expensive inland areas have tapered off.

 In the San Francisco Bay Area and across California we continue to see the market moving gradually back toward a more normal balance of sales across all price ranges. The high end of the market finally started selling and that has led to a swift rise in the median sale price. It is becoming quite evident that in some areas we’ve approached at least a soft bottom for home prices. A total of 8,771 new and resale houses and condos sold in the nine-county Bay Area last month. That was up 1.5 percent from 8,664 in June and up 15.6 percent from 7,586 in July 2008. Last month’s sales were the highest for the month of July in four years, and the highest for any month since August 2006.

Based on this information, I would certainly agree that the market is picking up in Castro Valley and all over the Bay Area.

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Is an offer of $570K on a list price of $619K ‘offensive’? Agent refused to present in Castro Valley Ca

In this market the listing agent should be anxious to work with your offer. I think every offer is worth countering if it is not acceptable to the seller at face value. Did she even present it to the seller? It sounds like she just made the decision on her own which is totally wrong. You may want to tell your agent to ask her to have the seller to reject the offer and send it back to you.

If you are still interested in the property, you can submit an offer again and if she refuses to present it to the seller, she can get into trouble. She does not have the right to reject the offer on her own unless the seller has specifically told her he is not interested in seeing any offers below a certain amount. Even then she needs to inform him of the offer. You can certainly insist on the sellers signature on the rejected area of the contract so that you know that the seller was made aware of your offer.

It seems unbelievable that a seller would not want to work with your offer or not give you a counter offer in today’s market. So don’t let the listing agent intimidate you. I don’t think your offer was that bad to get such a response from her. I think she may be living in the year 2003-2006 when homes were selling for more than asking price with multiple offers and this may be the only listing she has. I have seen such ridiculous offers that it is not even funny, so your offer is still decent and worth working with.

Maybe your agent should call her broker and tell him about this agent.

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If a seller wants to go FSBO but offers reasonable commission to agents, his house in Castro Valley, Ca. will still be shunned by agents?

Agents are somewhat afraid to show FSBOS (For Sale By Owners) properties because they sometimes feel that after showing the home to the buyers, the seller and buyer may work out a deal between themselves so that they can both save money and not have to pay any commission.

You hopefully have access to all the disclosures needed in a transaction in Castro Valley California and understand the 10 page contract completely to udergo the task of selling your home on your own. What about marketing and advertising? This is not a market where you put a sign in your front yard and you can get multiple offers like two+ years ago especially in Five Canyons Castro Valley and Palomares Hills.

In my 22 years of experience, I have seen that FSBOS do not come out ahead in the bottom line price and savings.The buyers who are buying a FSBO home discount the 6% commission right off the top and then negotiate a better price for themselves since they feel that the seller is not paying a commission and they can use that to get a better price.

You need an agent who has a great marketing plan and can agressively market your home on a vast array of websites. You need to have all the paperwork handeled correctly so you have peace of mind.

There are real estate companies like my company at Help-U-Sell Achievers Realty that can give you options to have you save on commission and still get help with paperwork, contract negotiating and marketing.

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Backup offer strategy in Castro Valley Ca? We were late by one day and the house sold

Buyers in this market think that homes will not sell quickly especially if it has been on the market for a while in Castro Valley California. They think they can wait to see if it will go down more in price since the people they talk to advice them to wait.
I had a home on the market in Castro Valley for 5 months with three price reductions and no substantial offers. In the 6th month we got an offer that the seller was willing to take and the all of a sudden I started getting other buyers and their agents calling to see what it would take to get their buyer the house. I told them it was pending. They were very disappointed and wanted to pay more than asking price (In Today’s Market!!) to get this house, but it was too late, so, in other words…when it rains, it pours.
The offer did go through and we left three buyers disappointed. One of them did tell me that they thought the seller would have another price reduction and they had been waiting for that. They had their eyes on this house for 4 months.
So, you could write a back up offer and keep looking for another house but next time, if you really like the house, try to be the first one and see if you can negotiagte a good price and then go for it.



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