How far will the prices fall in Hayward Hills?

Weighing scale money and house

There is about 10 months of inventory in Hayward in the 94542 zip code. The prices in Hayward have dropped like a rock. However, the Hayward Hills is still desirable. Even though the prices in the Hayward Hills have come down, people still like to invest there.

The builders in the Stonebrae community and Bridgeport are still willing to negotiate the price. I have been able to negotiate a lot lower than asking price in these developments.

Where are you thinking of buying? Are you considering any of the new developments? Make sure you take an agent with you to negotiate on your behalf at the first visit to the sales office. Are schools important to you? Hayward schools are not great so if that is an important factor, please look into that. I can help you get all the school information if you need it.

Please follow this thread below to see about the prices in 94542 and make your decision on whether or not you should buy there.

If you are looking for an agent specializing in Hayward, Castro Valley or in the East Bay, please call Meena at 510-279-9580 

Homes listed and sold by Meena Gujral in Hayward


Homes sold by Meena in Castro Valley, California




2 Responses to “How far will the prices fall in Hayward Hills?”

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  2. Joe Juan Says:

    nice info about the area.

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