Is winter a good time of the year to buy a home in Castro Valley?

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The prime time to buy a home in Castro Valley or in the Est bay is when you are ready financially and have the desire to buy a home. As you are aware, price of homes all over the bay area have come down substantially.


Many sellers take their homes off the market because they want to enjoy the holidays or are not too motivated to sell ( you know the ones that say “I am not in a hurry to sell, or I don’t have to sell unless I get the price I want”).


In the winter there are less homes on the market, but less buyers (competition). In the spring/summer more homes on the market and more buyers (more competition). Prime time is what is most convenient for you.


As a matter of fact I believe the winter months are better to buy. The sellers that are motivated wil keep their homes on the market and you as a buyer may be able to negotiate more since they really have a need and desire to sell as soon as possible.

I would be very happy to negotiate for you to get you the best possible price on your first home.


If you are looking for Castro Valley homes for sale, Homes for sale in Palomares Hills Ca., Five Canyons Castro Valley or a real estate agent specializing in Castro Valley, California, Please call Meena Gujral.

Meena Gujral
Help-U-Sell Achievers Realty


One Response to “Is winter a good time of the year to buy a home in Castro Valley?”

  1. Sarah Johnson Says:

    This was very informative and helpful!

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