Is an offer of $570K on a list price of $619K ‘offensive’? Agent refused to present in Castro Valley Ca

In this market the listing agent should be anxious to work with your offer. I think every offer is worth countering if it is not acceptable to the seller at face value. Did she even present it to the seller? It sounds like she just made the decision on her own which is totally wrong. You may want to tell your agent to ask her to have the seller to reject the offer and send it back to you.

If you are still interested in the property, you can submit an offer again and if she refuses to present it to the seller, she can get into trouble. She does not have the right to reject the offer on her own unless the seller has specifically told her he is not interested in seeing any offers below a certain amount. Even then she needs to inform him of the offer. You can certainly insist on the sellers signature on the rejected area of the contract so that you know that the seller was made aware of your offer.

It seems unbelievable that a seller would not want to work with your offer or not give you a counter offer in today’s market. So don’t let the listing agent intimidate you. I don’t think your offer was that bad to get such a response from her. I think she may be living in the year 2003-2006 when homes were selling for more than asking price with multiple offers and this may be the only listing she has. I have seen such ridiculous offers that it is not even funny, so your offer is still decent and worth working with.

Maybe your agent should call her broker and tell him about this agent.

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