If a seller wants to go FSBO but offers reasonable commission to agents, his house in Castro Valley, Ca. will still be shunned by agents?

Agents are somewhat afraid to show FSBOS (For Sale By Owners) properties because they sometimes feel that after showing the home to the buyers, the seller and buyer may work out a deal between themselves so that they can both save money and not have to pay any commission.

You hopefully have access to all the disclosures needed in a transaction in Castro Valley California and understand the 10 page contract completely to udergo the task of selling your home on your own. What about marketing and advertising? This is not a market where you put a sign in your front yard and you can get multiple offers like two+ years ago especially in Five Canyons Castro Valley and Palomares Hills.

In my 22 years of experience, I have seen that FSBOS do not come out ahead in the bottom line price and savings.The buyers who are buying a FSBO home discount the 6% commission right off the top and then negotiate a better price for themselves since they feel that the seller is not paying a commission and they can use that to get a better price.

You need an agent who has a great marketing plan and can agressively market your home on a vast array of websites. You need to have all the paperwork handeled correctly so you have peace of mind.

There are real estate companies like my company at Help-U-Sell Achievers Realty that can give you options to have you save on commission and still get help with paperwork, contract negotiating and marketing.

If you have any questions or need a real estate agent to represent you, please call me at 510-279-9580. I lived in Castro Valley Ca for several years and know it very well. 

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Thank you,

 Meena Gujral
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