It looks like the house that we are looking is very close to the Hayward fault in Castro Valley California!! How serious is this?

It really depends on your comfort level about purchasing a home close to the Hayward fault line. I have had buyers who did not have a problem with it. They feel that whether the house is on the fault line or close to it, when the major one hits, it will affect a huge area not just their house. I recently sold a house in Fremont which was within 1/4 mile of the fault line ( almost on the fault line) and the buyer did not even blink an eye before signing the disclosure.

And then I have some buyers who will not buy close to a fault line no matter what the price since earthquakes make them nervous. Most of California is prone to earthquakes and if that makes someone uncomfortable, they should not be buying a home in this state.

I used to live very close to a fault line in and when the big one hit in 1989, we felt the shake just like most of the bay area, but there was no damage or injury whatsoever in our area whereas the cypress structure was destroyed and the Marina had a lot of devastation.

Take the example of the earthquake recently in China. Most of the city was effected by it, not just a small area.

As far as when you resell the house there are a lot of people who are fine with it and when you go over the disclosure and explain how close the house is to the fault line their response is “all areas in California are close to the fault line”

You really should go with your gut feeling and if a fault line bothers you, don’t buy a house close to it. That is perfectly reasonable.

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