Important information all Buyers purchasing a home in Castro Valley should know.

Are you undecided on the right home for you? Are you sure Castro Valley, California is the right area for you? Before purchasing a home, you need to determine whether the home you have decided on is the right home for you. 


How long are you Planning on Living in the home in Castro Valley?

In order to cover your selling costs and recover the cost of your home, you should plan on staying in your new home for an average of 3 to 4 years.


How long will the Home Meet Your Needs? 

Make sure that your home will meet your space requirements both now and in the future, depending on how long you plan to live there.  Can the den be converted to a bedroom? Renovating your home may accommodate your expanding or shrinking family.


Is the House the Right Price?

Determine whether the home is a good fit for your financial situation.  Many financial institutions will pre-qualify you for a mortgage even before you begin your home search.  This will help to determine what price range you can afford. 


What is the Physical Condition of the House?

Always keep in mind that your house will require repairs.  If these costs are of concern, make sure to choose a home that will reflect your renovation budget. 


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