Three steps to selling your home quickly in Castro Valley

Tip number 1:

 Pricing is the key. 

 You need to compare your home to the ones that have sold within the last 3 months, not what is currently on the market. If the homes on the market have been listed for more than 60 days or so and have no offers, they are priced too high.

 Go to open houses in Castro Valley and look at the competition you have with all the homes on the market. However, do not price your home the same as the homes currently on the market. If you price your home at that price since it is similar in looks and square footage, you will just be another house on the market like them.


Tip number 2:

Showcase your home.

Your home needs to be the best looking home on that street. There were three other homes listed on the street that I sold my listing on and they had been on the market for a while, whereas my listing was there for the shortest time…6 days.

 I advise my clients that curb appeal is the first thing they needed to focus on. My clients do a wonderful job of pressure cleaning the driveway. They planted some beautiful flowers with vibrant colors and made a very appealing and welcoming entrance to the house. They removed all the clutter from the home and made it look spacious and bright. In other words they were very receptive to my advice and followed it to the fullest. They put themselves in the buyer’s shoes and looked at the house to see if they would buy it.


 Tip Number 3:


 The leverage is in Internet marketing. I cannot explain how important it is in the sale of a home. Every seller is more focused on how much commission an agent is charging without paying attention to the internet marketing they will be getting. Fortunately in our case since we are Help-U-Sell, we are able to save sellers thousands of dollars and give them the best marketing possible so they are getting the best of all worlds.

 I advertise all my listings on at least 19 websites which is very extensive marketing. Every property should have a virtual tour since buyers decide if they want to drive to the property based on the virtual tour.

 If these three tips are followed, you will be on your way to selling your home in Castro Valley, California at the best possible price in the least amount of time with the least inconvenience to you.

 If you live in the East Bay in California, I’d be happy to help you sell or buy a home. Contact me now at



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